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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sissy sites, TG blogs etc.

Here is a list of blogs and sites that are not directly TG fiction, but that cover the lives and fantasies of transgender people.

Transgender information sites

Sissy and feminization sites and personal TG-blogs

More Sissy Blogs.
Sissy Social Net
A Bimbo's Sanctuary


maiddiane said...

Hello Rebecca,

i am a longtime sissy and i simply luv visting Rebecca's World. it's so much more than a great resource for those interested in the TG world. You are an absolute role model for sissies like me, who long to experience all that is Female, the Superior gender. And You, Rebecca, You are all Female.

i luv it!

Thank You for the link to my blog, where i continue to share posts of my feminization journey. Sites like Yours help make that journey more complete.

Your fan,
sissy maid diane

Treacle said...

What a great resource! :-)

Penny said...

Hi Rebecca, I just wanted to thank you for posting a link to my blog.
You have a great site here, it looks like essential reading for anyone who loves the sissy world xx

Penny x

trannieangie said...

hey rebecca and all tg caption fans..
if you like forced femme without magic, i have the captions! check out
trannieangie captions!!!thanks

trannieangie said...

oops.. my caps are actually at trannieangie tcaps
looking for some feedback!!!

Rebecca Molay said...

Dear trannieangie,

I have put up a link to your blog over in the TG blog section. It looks good!


Jeanie Love Jones said...

Thank you so much!!!


Sissy Feminization said...

Blog is really informative and entertainng same time. I appriciate the efforts made by TG blogs. Some excellent ideas here I don’t have a news blog as such but there are some great tips that I plan to use.

Jasm05 said...


This is a new domination blog geared at sissies and femme-boys thats just starting up. Thought I would reccomend it. Enjoy.

Teresa Bowers said...

Add me Rebecca-add me!

Plastic_life said...

Hello, Would it be OK to add my blog to this list?
I will put your banner on my page as a thank you.

Ashley :)

keira kitty said...

Hi! I just thought I'd tell you about my new transition blog. Hope you can add it to the list of greats above :-)


Hope you enjoy!

SarahJayne said...

Rebecca, Thanks for a great site. I was wondering whether you would include my blog http://sissysarahjayne.blogspot.com next time you renew your blog list?
Sarah Jayne

Deedee Delano said...

Congrats Rebbeca, your site, the pix you choose,the captions and the content, makes it one of the best I have seen

Dildo's,vibrators,g-spot,lubes,rabbitvibrators said...
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Emily said...

Hey Rebecca! I've been coming here for five plus years almost religiously for the great list of blogs! I hope to join it in this section and soon in the captioning section as well with my blog, The Story of a Gurl at



Busty Brenda said...

Thanks for the add, Rebecca -- I really do appreciate you. I am greedy for eyeballs and every reader counts!

Busty Brenda said...
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